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Collecting Obama Campaign Pins: A Nostalgic Tribute to Obama’s Presidency

Obama 2008 Pin Collector’s Edition

A retired finance director, Jung now lives in a home that resembles a warehouse for his prized collection of Obama campaign pins. The pieces remind him of a time when he could walk up to Obama in gymnasiums and shake his hand.

With its flag pin and statements on patriotism the advertisement tries to define Mr. Obama in the face of smear e-mails about his heritage and accusations about his liberal record.

1. Limited Edition

Aperture is proud to present this exclusive limited-edition collection of pins celebrating President Obama’s historic presidential victory. This set of two metal pins is a remarkable tribute to the 44th President and his groundbreaking legacy. Each pin meticulously captures a meaningful moment in history from Obama’s White House years. A great way to learn about the American presidency, this prestigious set also makes a wonderful collectible for any fan of the Obama presidency.

Each pin is a limited edition of 250 pieces. The obama 08 pin includes a beautiful 2 3/4″ long oval pin and a stand to hold it up on your back or desk.

The Obama 08 pin is an official design of the Barack Obama campaign. It features a photo of Obama and a donkey beating the drums for his victory. It is a gorgeous pin to wear and display! This pin also comes with a FREE fact-filled collector card. The obama 08 pin is a one-of-a-kind collectible and will surely be a hit at your next party or event!

2. Made in the U.S.A.

A Made in the USA claim must be qualified to avoid deception, according to the Federal Trade Commission. It must be clear and unmistakable, and a manufacturer must substantiate the claim by showing that all significant parts, processing and labor involved in production of the product originated in the U.S. Apt2b (Los Angeles, CA) – Sofas and some other furniture; Grovemade (Portland, OR) – Desks and some other office and home accessories; Floyd (Detroit, MI) – Shelving, tables and hardware.

Jung started his collection with a couple of Obama buttons, but now he scour the internet and swap meets for rare finds. His haul includes older buttons from Obama’s run for state Senate in 1996 and a 2008 Kentucky Derby-themed pin, which was pulled after Churchill Downs sued over the design. He likes the hobby because it brings back fond memories of his family and friends in the Midwest. Besides, he finds it gratifying to support small businesses and manufacturers.

3. Designed by Tony Baltes

Button collectors are celebrating a resurgence in interest in political memorabilia. The resurgence is due to the historic campaign and presidency of President Barack Obama. This section features a wide selection of Obama 2008 campaign buttons and reelection pins.

Tony Baltes, the owner of Tiger Eye Design in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, started his career in politics when he took on the job of designing and manufacturing button images with color photographs for Ronald Reagan’s inauguration in 1981. His company, a union shop that supports democratic candidates, has also produced material for Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Michael Dukakis, Al Gore and other prominent politicians.

Baltes knew how important Obama’s election would be to the country and saved a large portion of the materials his company produced during the campaign. Now he is selling the majority of the collection at his storefront. The demand has been so great, he has received urgent requests from Hillary Clinton’s campaign to fill gaps in her product line-up.

4. Made by Tiger Eye Design

As one of the most recognized political campaign logos of 2008, this pin is a collector’s item. This pin features the Obama / Biden 2008 “Change We Can Believe In” design. This button is an oval shape and measures approximately 3 inches wide.

LSU researchers, led by physics professor Jeffery Chancellor and his Space Radiation Transport & Applied Nuclear (SpaRTAN) lab, developed a sensor that will measure cosmic radiation on the surface of the Moon in order to protect astronauts during future long-duration space missions beyond low-Earth orbit. To artistically communicate this groundbreaking technology, SpaRTAN commissioned LSU art and design students to create mission patch designs that incorporated the new sensor’s name: Tiger Eye.

Retired finance director Scott Jung started collecting presidential campaign pins in 1996 and now keeps a stash of Obama items at his Louisville home. He says the hobby is “a lot like old-time baseball card collecting,” and he loves the challenge of finding rare Obama buttons.

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The Obama 08 Sticker Collection: A Political Design Breakthrough

The Obama 08 Sticker Collection

Collection includes posters, t-shirts, bumper stickers, hats and other campaign merchandise. Also newspapers and magazines related to the 2008 presidential campaign and inauguration.

The image of a vehicle with an Obama 08 sticker has gone viral on Facebook walls and in e-mail forwards. The origin of the image is unclear, but the message conveyed is not.


Original 2008 campaign sticker printed after the election of Barack Obama. He served as President from 2009 to 2017 and U.S Senator from Illinois from 2005 to 2008. He is the first African-American President.

Bumper sticker with portrait of Barack Obama wearing a white dress shirt and grey patterned necktie on blue oval background. Text reads “Obama is Unbwogable!” in three lines with dark blue lettering.

Let the world outside of your car know what you believe in with CafePress Barack Obama Bumper Stickers. Make others aware of your cause or show off your family and their accomplishments with the widest selection of customizable bumper decals and car stickers online. Your car’s bumper is valuable real estate. Why don’t you make the most of it with CafePress? This is a reproduction of an art print by Shepard Fairey, originally published in 2008. It features a silhouette of President-elect Barack Obama, surrounded by the words “Hope and Change.” This edition was printed on thick cling vinyl.


Street artist and graphic designer Shepard Fairey created this iconic portrait of Barack Obama in 2008 as a form of grassroots activism to support his candidate’s first presidential campaign. He based it on an Associated Press photograph taken by Mannie Garcia and used his signature high-contrast stencil technique to create a striking image inspired by Soviet Socialist Realism. The image, known as “Hope,” went viral when it was printed on posters and stickers and distributed in a variety of ways by devoted supporters. It became the most recognizable symbol of the Obama campaign and spawned a variety of spoofs and imitations.

These stickers were printed with a UV-coated silkscreen pantone process on weatherproof, outdoor quality vinyl. They have adhesive backings and can be applied to most smooth surfaces. The stickers come in three color variations: one is circular with the portrait and “Barack Obama” in red lettering below; another is shaped like the stylized flag of the United States with the portrait superimposed on it; and the third is in the shape of a starburst with the portrait of Barack Obama in white to the left of “One Love.” All proceeds from the sale of these stickers will go towards creating more political sticker art by Obey Giant artists.

Printing Process

After the design is finalized, it needs to be printed on sticker paper or vinyl. Sticker papers are more affordable and can be used for short-term applications, while vinyl is more durable and ideal for long-term use. Both are available in glossy or matte finish options.

Before printing, make sure that the sticker file is within the bleed lines and safe area. Also, check that the stickers are properly aligned. Then, double-check that the file is saved and ready for production.

Finally, select the paths that need to be cut out and change the color to [Stroke]. Then click on [Window] – [Swatches] – [Roland VersaWorks].

Before starting a business selling stickers, decide what type of customers you want to target. This will help you create a design that will stand out from the competition and convey your message. It is recommended that you start by sketching out a rough idea of the layout and composition of your stickers.


The Obama logo was a major breakthrough in political campaign design. It evoked a rising sun, and like the Nike swoosh it became an instantly recognizable symbol of the candidate’s brand. While politicians usually use a hodgepodge of fonts, the Obama team used a uniform font called Gotham. This helped the message to be clear and focused.

Shepard Fairey’s stylized stencil portrait of Barack Obama in red, white and blue became the most recognizable image of the campaign. The image was widely circulated online and printed on posters and stickers. It is now in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Both the logo and the image were part of a larger strategy designed to transform politics. Sol Sender, who designed the logo, and Scott Thomas, the director of new media design, spoke about their process at a sold-out lecture at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University. Both men are skeptical that their design aesthetic will become the standard for campaigns in the future, but they have certainly created a buzz.

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The Thrilling MLB중계 Experience

The Fascinating World of MLB중계

Major League Baseball (MLB), known to global fans as the epitome of baseball, is an exciting universe of powerful hits, tactical excellence, exceptional fielding skills, and last-minute heroics, all encapsulated within the term ‘MLB중계’. This South Korean term translates into an MLB broadcast, but it represents more than just a simple viewport into the games. It’s an entire experience of enjoying the world’s best baseball right from your living room.

A Front Row Seat with MLB중계

The MLB중계 experience brings the live excitement of the stadium right into your palms. Imagine feeling the adrenaline rush as a player makes a stunning catch or when your favorite team scores the winning run. It’s not just about watching a game; it’s about being a part of it. So, just how transformational is the MLB중계 experience? Let’s dive into it.

The Realm of Advanced Broadcasting

MLB중계 leverages modern broadcasting technology, helping you enjoy every detail of the game. This high-definition broadcast ensures you don’t miss out on any action – from the pitch perfect swing that sends the ball over the fence to the joy on the player’s face.

From Commentary to Repartee

While MLB중계 keeps fans updated with every on-field action, the expert commentary adds another layer of intrigue. It gives you a deeper understanding of the game strategy, players’ performances, and game situations. Moreover, it introduces an extra layer of learning and enjoyment.

The Accessibility of MLB중계

MLB중계 ensures no one misses out on their favorite games. Regardless of the time difference between South Korea and the U.S., the broadcast is available for all games, anytime, anywhere. So, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you’re guaranteed your baseball fix.

Engaging with MLB중계

Je ne sais pas what’s more, MLB중계 allows you to engage with the community of baseball enthusiasts. It cultivates excitement and passion for the sport, uniting fans from different walks of life under one banner – the love for baseball.


In summary, MLB중계 offers an immersive baseball experience to fans across the globe. It provides a window into the thrilling world of the MLB, delivering every pitch, hit, and catch in vivid detail. The service stays true to the spirit of the audience’s companion, keeping them engaged and entertained while offering a deeper understanding of the game no matter where they are.


1. Q: What content is available on MLB중계?
A: MLB중계 provides a live broadcast of all Major League Baseball games, including detailed game analysis and expert commentary.

2. Q: How can I access MLB중계?
A: You can access MLB중계 through various sports broadcasting platforms available in South Korea.

3. Q: Can MLB중계 be viewed outside South Korea?
A: Yes, depending on the broadcasting platform, MLB중계 can be viewed outside South Korea.

4. Q: How detailed is the game analysis on MLB중계?
A: MLB중계 offers comprehensive game analysis, including player performance, game tactics, and in-depth insights into game situations.

5. Q: Can I interact with other fans with MLB중계?
A: Absolutely! MLB중계 often features interactive elements where fans can discuss games, share their views, and engage with the community.